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Hey! My name is Addy !! (: I'm a 20 year old guy! Born in California and raised in Chicago! but I live in alabama now! (: my parents are from pakistan/india. I love art and that is what i want to major in. I love questions and anything you can throw at me. FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW. ASK FOR ASK. unless ur completely 100% nsfw.

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"The Mind Under The Thinking Cap"
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A Schizophrenic suicide.
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New York. Autumn.
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Fantastical NonfictionMutant Clouds!It’s the… Cloud! The name sounds more suited for a comic book character than the moniker for a $100 billion dollar computer services industry. But soon even the most mild-mannered clouds will be getting some uncanny powers. Researchers at IBM, AT&T and ACS have developed a prototype system creating elastic bandwidth between clouds, reducing cloud-to-cloud set-up times from days to seconds. So all kinds of clouds, with all kinds of data sets, can join forces in an instant to become exponentially more powerful. For more about these mighty shapeshifters, read on →
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anxiety is a bitch…